A Student Body Exclusive – An Interview with Deron Brown


As we prepare to welcome a new class of interns to the PCL family this fall, Deron Brown, president, US Buildings, has a few words of wisdom he hopes will enable, empower, and encourage students to get the most, and make the most out of their time with PCL.

Q: What can students expect from an internship with PCL?

A: An internship with PCL is an introduction to the PCL family and culture. It truly shows how an employee-owned company thinks and operates and also gives students an idea of what our values are. As an intern, you’ll have the opportunity to work at one of PCL’s offices across North America and gain relevant, real-life experience. We don’t want our interns doing miscellaneous paperwork, and we expect all interns to have their boots on the ground, gaining career-enhancing construction experience.

Q: What opportunities are available for interns with PCL?

A: PCL’s internship program is a direct reflection of our full-time employee culture. You get out of it what you put in, meaning there’s a multitude of opportunities available and it’s up to you to determine your path. There are numerous locations and project types to choose from across North America, with locations as far west as Hawaii, north as Edmonton, east as Halifax, or as south as Florida. Interns will have the opportunity to build anything from commercial buildings, to bridges, and water treatment plants, to heavy industrial projects. We also have internship opportunities available in all career streams with opportunities offered in marketing, communications, accounting, estimating, and business development.

Q: Why are internships important?

A: Internships are vital to gaining knowledge about your potential career. Not only do they help you apply what you’re learning in school, but they help you develop your communication skills. Learning how to communicate on construction projects is extremely important and is key to being an effective manger or leader, and is something that can’t be taught in the classroom.

Q: Why are the internship and mentor programs at PCL so closely tied?

A: Our internship program is one of our top priorities at PCL because as an employee-owned company, our staff is our greatest asset. Our internship and mentorship programs are designed to not only give you real-world construction experience, but also develop you as an industry leader. You will have opportunities to be mentored under some of the best builders in the industry.

Q: Can an intern expect to have their voice heard?

A: We see interns as the future of our company —we value their input and opinion. PCL continually wants to improve all that we do, everyone’s feedback is encouraged, and some very innovative, creative ideas have come from our new employees and interns.

My hope for all students is that they learn valuable, professional lessons during their time with PCL and that they can look back on their internship with a sense of accomplishment and pride. I hope that our interns enjoy their time at PCL and one day decide to join the PCL family and help mold the careers of future PCLers.

If you are interested in a PCL student work term or learning more about being a PCLer, please check out the Careers section of PCL.com or reach out to the program advisor at your post-secondary institution. Together we build success.



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