Color Controversy

Green gets more attention than most other colors in the color wheel. It isn’t boring, and it isn’t simple. It certainly isn’t beige. It gets people talking, even debating.
I could talk about it for hours (maybe days, to the dismay of my wife). I can’t help myself; I get really excited about the “green” movement: renewable energy. Not only for environmental reasons, but also because of the safety and economic benefits I discussed in my last
blog post.
Yet the green movement is controversial. For some, it means the infringement of wind and solar farms on natural landscapes, or pressure about what cars to drive and how often to recycle.
But the great thing about green is that it isn’t black and white.

A Change of View Is Always Good

Forget choosing sides, and pitting “tree-huggers” against those who don’t want wind farms blocking the view from their backyard (a concept known as NIMBYism – Not In My Backyard). Instead, let’s change our view.
I mean literally – when we look at towering white wind turbines, we can choose to see them as examples of how we are working together with our land rather than against it. And also figuratively; we can focus on combining the capabilities of renewable energy with the industrial resources we already use to catapult us into a sustainable future.
Embracing renewable energy doesn’t mean the world as we know it has to change. I’m not suggesting we pack up horse-drawn wagons rather than SUVs when we go camping for the weekend. And it certainly wouldn’t make sense to shut down all nuclear plants. Oil and gas have been responsible for some of the greatest advancements of our world. But renewable energy, on its own and in conjunction with traditional resources, can be just as revolutionary.

Your Community Could Thrive

The fact is, if we want the benefits that renewable energy offers, these projects need to be built in our own communities. So, let’s work together to get beyond obstacles like NIMBYism to appreciate the long-term gains.  
Local renewable energy production can meet the demand of our own communities, businesses, and homes. On top of that, these projects require local materials and workmanship to build and maintain facilities. This means that renewable energy projects support local involvement and economic dev​elopment​.
Sounds great, doesn’t it?

This Is Where PCL Comes In

Opportunities abound for renewable energy projects. No matter the industry you’re thinking of, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, the renewable industry can help it thrive. That’s why, over the last two years, PCL has grown our Renewable Group by a factor of twenty. We’re excited to help the world flourish.  



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