Expanding our Capacity with Autodesk Products

PCL just entered into a second Enterprise Business Agreement (EBA) with Autodesk, giving us 250 concurrent licenses of Autodesk products for another three years and titles including all major AEC products. Now that Autodesk has made these tools scalable, our entire engineering staff is able to adopt them. The burden of purchasing software no longer lies on the project team. Anyone on any project has access to the tools they need—when they need it.

Cloud and Mobility

In addition to the traditional AEC titles, our teams also have unlimited licenses for BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Glue. These cloud-based tools will help us meet our strategic goals of enhanced collaboration and field mobility. BIM 360 Glue is being implemented on our Integrated Project Del​ivery (IPD) projects and design-build/design-assist jobs where the design team and construction team essentially act as one entity. BIM 360 Field is being deployed as our enterprise field management tool. The mobile application works exclusively on the iPad, and provides our project teams with all project documents at their fingertips, and gives them a place to record, report, and track field data.

BIM 360 Integration

One reason we decided to use the BIM 360 tool set is that Autodesk releases updated features once a month and integrates well with our back-office and project management systems. We are currently undertaking an integration process that will tie the two systems together, eliminating the need to manage, document, or track data in two places. This essentially creates a streamlined workflow for our project teams, making their transition from the office to the field seamless.
PCL is dedicated to deploying technologies that make our teams more effective and efficient while just making everyone’s job easier. Integrating our various software platforms is a huge step in that direction.
Stay tuned to see what we do next…​​



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