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  • World of Modular

    I've recently returned from attending this year's World of Modular (WoM) conference in San Antonio, Texas. Organized by the Modular Building Institute, this annual industry trade show attracts anyone connected with, or interested in off-site fabrication.
  • Exciting Ideas in the Prefab World

    The other week I spoke at the BIMForum in Denver. Although this event is primarily aimed at bringing together people who work in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) world, this particular conference had a focus on prefabrication and modularization.
  • We can Weather any Weather!

    Weather delays can have a big financial impact on construction projects, but there’s a solution for many projects. Permanent Modular Construction is able to limit these kinds of problems by building various project components in a controlled environment.
  • Expect the Unexpected

    As more and more partners and potential clients get wind of Permanent Modular Construction (PMC), interest in it has soared.
  • Why Modular Makes Sense

    When was the last time you bought a new car and the dealer told you they'd order all the parts, and have the shop mechanics put them together, so they'd have your new car ready for you in eight or nine months?