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Scott Beckman
Director of Sustainability
As director of sustainability, Scott is responsible for providing value-added knowledge and service pertaining to sustainable design and construction practices to PCL’s clients and project teams. Scott has over 18 years of diverse experience in sustainable design, construction, and renewable energy. With a focus on the built environment, Scott is adept at working with building owners, designers, contractors, engineers, and agencies to identify opportunities for sustainable and high-performance construction. His expertise assists clients in profitably developing, designing, constructing, and operating projects to achieve the highest level of sustainability, with a focus on reduced energy consumption and low-carbon/net-carbon-neutral targets. Scott has a master’s degree in environmental management from the University of Denver and a bachelor of science in business administration from Colorado State University.

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    ​Experience and relationships are key to delivering sustainable solutions.
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    Scott Beckman shares why it’s important to think about sustainability goals at the start of a project.