Agribusiness, Food Services, & Manufacturing

PCL has more than $5 billion of completed projects in our farm-to-plate portfolio, demonstrating a solid track record in the agribusiness and food services market. We are a customer-focused, fully integrated one-stop service provider.



The PCL family of companies is a diversified organization, operating within three sectors: buildings, industrial, and civil infrastructure. To ensure consistent, high-quality project delivery, we have established a center of excellence for food and manufacturing plant construction, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This center supports the work of project teams in independent PCL offices that are strategically situated across the continent. Our local project teams give clients personalized attention, which is fortified by their local market knowledge and business partnerships. We team up with best-in-class designers/consultants, trade contractors, and suppliers, using a careful selection process that is designed to ensure successful project completion.


We perform all types of construction and can build any size or scope of project. Clients are provided with competitive fees and rates to deliver projects within one of our many delivery methods​​ (e.g., design-build, construction management, traditional bid). Currently, our growing design-build portfolio has more than 780 projects.

We also provide preconstruction services, such as budgeting, conceptual design, and constructability analysis, to give projects the best chance of success, before we even start construction. Clients also benefit from our virtual design and construction capabilities, Lean design and construction practices, and green building expertise. Also, where required, we have the ability to cost effectively self-perform major portions of a project with our own people.

Our focus is on the jobsite because it is performance in the field that really counts. Our well-established safety and loss prevention program contributes to our industry-leading safety record. Equally important is our commitment to quality and superior workmanship. We stake our reputation on it.


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