All Things Safety

PCL is fanatical about safety​. The organization is working towards its goal of zero safety incidents. A desire to send everyone home safe at the end of the day is shared by every employee across the PCL family of companies.


PCL safety professionals using SMC (Safety
Management Center) on mobile devices in the field.

A screenshot from PCL’s proprietary safety
management system.

So how does a company that logged over 23 million manhours last year keep its total recordable incident rate (TRIR) among the lowest in the construction industry? Part of the credit can be given to SMC (Safety Management Center), PCL’s proprietary, in-house system for managing all things related to safety. SMC allows PCL to correlate massive amounts of safety data from across the PCL family of companies. By doing this, PCL is able to identify leading and lagging indicators that help the organization mitigate trends that have the potential to develop into safety issues. The organization then develops action plans to offset the likelihood of those trends reoccurring.


PCL recently did a major upgrade of SMC that introduced many new features, including mobile access from iPads and Windows 8 tablets. PCL’s HSE employees now have much greater flexibility with regard to when and how they access safety data.
“We have taken the handcuffs off our safety professionals and have given them the freedom to get away from their workstations,” said Jim Barry, PCL’s vice president of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE). “Our safety people are now able to spend more of their time walking our jobsites, which means that they can be even more effective.”
Everything that PCL’s safety teams need to do their jobs, wherever they are, is now available at their fingertips. Additionally, safety information can be captured and shared across all of PCL’s diverse operations very quickly.
“Our HSE professionals don’t have to wait for a completed data entry process, which used to take up to thirty days,” said Barry. “Instead, data from interviews and inspections is entered into the system as it is collected in the field. Also, our subtrades have access to the system, so they can be inputting their own investigations, as well.”
The convenience of mobile access to PCL’s safety data provides a major advantage in the drive to keep people safe. Information can now be entered or accessed in real time, from anywhere, without the constraints of paper forms or fixed workstations.


When the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) learned about the industry-leading features of PCL’s SMC system, they invited PCL to be a presenter at the organization’s upcoming conference, Safety 2013​​, being held in Las Vegas in June. PCL will be sharing key features of its newly enhanced SMC system, the lessons it learned through the upgrade project, and the adoption process that it is using for the internal rollout of the system.
“We have to be keep improving so that we get better results,” said Barry. “We have to be continually asking ourselves, ‘What else can we do? What is around the corner?’ in the pursuit of our vision to have a perfect safety record.”

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