Job Site Insights™

PCL Construction is turning the centuri​es-old construction industry on its head with a push toward digital technology and cloud services.

Using Microsoft Azure and Azure IoT technologies, PCL created the mobile-ready Job Site Insights™ (JSI) application to provide a single-pane view into all aspects of construction.

By gathering and analyzing Internet of Things (IoT) data, PCL is improving its processes to increase safety, efficiency, and productivity while positioning itself as a future-ready builder.


Five years ago, PCL implemented a technology initiative based on four pillars: cloud, mobility, analytics, and integration.

“Becoming a cloud-first business was the core of our strategy, and Microsoft Azure was our platform of choice,” explains Mark Bryant, PCL’s chief information officer.

Embracing the cloud helps PCL take new approaches to construction that, in turn, facilitate new approaches to what is possible for today’s modern cities.


For building owners, smart buildings are a way to remain competitive and differentiate themselves from other developers. They need to drive down energy and maintenance costs while driving up tenant satisfaction and retention—and equip buildings to accommodate a modern workforce.

PCL recognized that it needs to create smart buildings to keep new business flowing in, and the company has embraced IoT to make that happen. By enabling real-time data access and analytics, PCL can increase job-site safety, operational efficiencies, and worker productivity.


PCL chose Microsoft Azure and Azure IoT technologies to serve as the foundation for its smart construction push. Moving assets to the cloud gives PCL the infrastructure, agility, and scalability it needs to maximize business efficiencies for the company and its customers.

The cloud-first push was also the first step toward developing JSI, a construction management application that provides a single-pane view into all aspects of work at a job site.

JSI is built on Azure and is accessible through a desktop PC, tablet, or mobile device. It uses Microsoft Power BI dashboards and data visualizations that show everything from costs to quality metrics, schedules, and inspections. It connects the productivity tools in Microsoft Office 365 and uses a wide variety of Azure services, including Azure Digital Twins, to uncover deep insights into the data.

“JSI was a product of listening to our customers, our consultants, and all the stakeholders in our business,” says Chris Gower, chief operating officer for PCL’s Buildings Group. “It lets everyone understand what is happening at every stage of the process, from planning through construction, postconstruction, and how the building is being used by its occupants. We’re adding value at every one of those stages.”


Learn more about how PCL created JSI, an IoT based smart construction platform based off Microsoft Azure, Azure Digital Twin, and Azure Maps technologies, in this Microsoft Customer Story.


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