Leaders in Sustainability

PCL clients realize that sustainability, energy efficiency, and green designs are increasingly important factors in building environmentally responsible construction projects. PCL is continually expanding its leadership in education, training, and knowledge-sharing about sustainable construction and environmentally sound business practices so that PCL’s builders can bring the latest in sustainable practices to any project.

The cafeteria of the California State University (CSU), Fullerton Student Housing Phase III project. 

PCL provides in-house LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and sustainable construction training programs to increase awareness and to provide individuals with the information needed to work on sustainable projects and to obtain LEED professional credentials.
PCL employs more than 345 LEED professionals, and this number continues to increase each year.


This expertise was put into use on the design of the California State University, Fullerton Student Housing Phase III project​​. The University’s objective for the on-campus housing project was to highlight its “Living Learning Community” by providing a healthy productive environment that fosters educational excellence and social development for 2,000 new students.
To achieve these goals PCL had to integrate sustainability into all aspects of the design, including site, building materials, energy, water conservation, and indoor environmental quality. The result is a highly energy-efficient five-story building built to meet LEED Platinum standards. It not only fits in, but helps define, the campus' “Living Learning Community” concept.
"We are proud to build the first LEED® Platinum-certified project in the California State University system and the largest-ever construction project on the Fullerton campus," said David Yount, PCL Los Angeles vice president and district manager. "The design and layout of the facilities position CSU Fullerton as a leader in providing students with a modern and sustainable housing environment."