Oakville Modular Library

​The Sixteen Mile Branch​ of the Oakville Public Library was built with mobility in mind. Constructed off-site from seven modules, the 5000-square-foot building is a relocatable structure. 
PCL manufactured the library for the Town of Oakville in its off-site modular construction facility, knowing that in the future the town will need to relocate the building multiple times. The library will serve as the main branch for the Dundas/Neyagawa area until approximately 2025, when the permanent library is built on the site. After that, the structure is planned to be disassembled and moved to another location within Oakville to serve as a recreational center or another library. 
“We have to think about how the end user is going to disconn​ect the building and redeploy it,” says Troy Galvin, manager of PCL’s Agile off-site manufacturing facility. “We think about the main frames, the building seams, the bolted connections, and how the services connect up to the building.”
Every module spans 60 feet and weighs almost 65,000 pounds, and PCL had to navigate these significant structures through three different jurisdictions in the Greater Toronto Area, each with its own layer of permitting.
“We were looking for a fast-tracked, cost-effective solution that would also fit into the big-picture, long-term plan,” says Nazia Tirmazi, Town of Oakville project manager. “Modular building was the answer because it had the flexibility to relocate when need be, and that was ideal.” 
The relocatable structure currently features flexible spaces that can be used for library and town recreation and cultural programs; reading spaces and study tables; desktop computers and laptops; a diverse collection of books, DVDs and other materials; a collection of toys that support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning; and a 3D printer. ​
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