PCL Meets Milestone in Modular Construction

As a crane lowered the final prefabricated patient washroom, module #360, into place at Humber River Hospital​, North America’s first fully digital hospital, a new milestone was achieved in PCL’s century-long track record as a solutions-focused construction company dedicated to meeting the unique needs of every client.

Prefabricated modules arriving at Humber Hospital
for installation.

Rendering of the washrooms' completed


PCL is breaking new and innovative ground with permanent modular construction (PMC)​, an industry building practice that is rapidly gaining popularity. For the new hospital, PCL prefabricated and delivered 360 washroom modules in only three months, much faster than building them on-site. A safe and standardized method of building, modular construction is completed in a controlled environment, independent of weather and other variables, which ensures a finished product of the highest quality.
“As inherent solution providers, our PCL team uses industry-leading virtual construction technology to identify elements of a construction project that can be prefabricated as modules of various sizes and complexity in a controlled factory environment,” said PCL Toronto executive vice president, Chris Gower.
“This approach generates less waste and reduces vehicle traffic to and from the main jobsite. It also provides an alternative way of approaching the logistical challenges associated with traditional site-built construction projects,” added Gower.


Certain components of the Humber River Hospital, such as washrooms and telecommunications/data rooms were perfect candidates for modular construction.
“Off-site modular construction creates the opportunity for components to be prepared off-site simultaneously with work being done on-site, which allows us to assemble more specialized workforces to increase efficiencies, while enhancing quality on any project—all of which helps us save our clients both time and money,” said PCL vice president of Permanent Modular Construction, Mark Taylor.
The modules were fabricated in PCL’s 40,000 sq.ft. PMC production facility in Toronto, Ontario. With easy access to road, rail, and ship, the facility enables PCL to conveniently serve the prefabrication needs of clients across North America.
The compact modules incorporating finishing, mechanical, and electrical trade scopes are slipped into the building structure where, once in place and using a telescoping structure, the module is expanded to finished height for quick tie-in to main services, drywalling, and painting.
“This is truly a plug-and-play solution that is saving the project significant time and resources, while minimizing environmental impacts,” said Taylor.


PCL is the design-builder of North America's first fully digital hospital, destined to be a technological and environmental showcase. Opening its doors in fall 2015, this state-of-the-art acute care facility spans over 1.8 million square feet on a 27-acre block in northwest Toronto.



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