Providing Project Insight

What would our projects say if they could talk? Smart building technologies such as PCL’s Job Site Insights™ (JSI™) give us a better understanding of our projects by providing real-time data and analytics that help us build smarter, leaner, and greener.

JSI™ provides a dashboard view into all aspects of construction by using cloud-based internet of things (IoT) technology and embedded sensors to capture jobsite information.

PCL is using the new construction technology on several projects, including Cadillac Fairview’s 16 York Street, a 33-storey office tower located in Toronto, Ontario’s, downtown core.

“At 16 York, we have four JSI™ sensors and one gateway on each floor,” says Tyler Brunke, superintendent. “Once the sensors are installed and the gateway is set up, they start talking to each other right away,” he adds, explaining how the gateway relays data from the sensors to the cloud so the construction team can access the information remotely and in real time; ensuring the confidence needed for the project team to make the right decisions

“With JSI™ we are able to monitor the temporary heating outputs while we build and maintain the specific temperature ranges required for concrete and drywall mud to dry correctly,” says Tyler. “This has helped us to get our trades working on these areas quicker than initially scheduled because we know exactly when the concrete and drywall is ready.”

JSI™ data helps reduce construction-related energy costs (such as the energy consumed by temporary heaters) and rework (minimizes waste and saves resources).

By gathering and analyzing JSI™ data, we can increase safety, efficiency, and productivity on our projects,” says Tyler. “We can see any potential issues–flood and leak detection, and temperature and humidity level–before they become a problem and deal with them proactively. If there’s a threshold set for heating and it’s exceeded, we send a field engineer to investigate. All around, it gives us an in-depth idea of what’s going on while we’re building.” 

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