Ready to Pivot at a Moment’s Notice

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged people across the globe to pivot at a moment’s notice and develop innovative solutions to help navigate a time of uncertainty and unknowns. Teams across PCL rose to the challenge and demonstrated resilience, compassion and a commitment to shifting our practices to positively contribute to our communities in a time of need so we can all come out of this stronger than before.


“COVID-19 changed how we operate our business while allowing us to show our true character and be part of the solution to this unprecedented challenge,” says Wade Harms, manager, Special Projects, Winnipeg district. “We identified that treating patients with COVID-19 would tax the capabilities of smaller remote healthcare facilities that might have only one or two intensive care units.”

We turned to our extensive modular and prefabrication manufacturing experience and developed a modular toolkit of solutions in partnership with architectural, trade and technology partners that are quick to market, and offer all levels of customization as well as rapid manufacturing and deployment. We have multiple functions developed and in concept to assist in the provision of safe solutions, including smart screening and testing pods, modular handwashing stations, modular isolation and care rooms, portable health facilities and office structures. This feature takes a look at the Quaran-Tin Pods developed by our Winnipeg District.

Quaran-Tin Pods

Winnipeg’s Special Projects team is working in partnership with Thor Plumbing and Heating, f-BLOK Architecture Inc. E.H. Price Industries and P4 Electrical Contractors to develop emergency response modular isolation/care rooms, officially named Quaran-Tin Pods. The pods provide temporary and reusable emergency isolation for care and treatment of COVID-19 patients. The pods can be customized to accommodate client requirements for necessary medical and technology equipment. Fully outfitted pods can be rendered fully operational within minutes of arrival on-site.  

“Strong collaboration between all the partners allowed us to develop a timely, low-cost, unit that can help clients meet their patient-care needs in the span of two weeks,” says Harms. “This crisis really allowed us to step up and, work together for the greater good, and it showcased the strength and value of strong partnerships.”

This made-in-Canada prototype uses retrofitted sea containers and can be customized to fit differing configurations of medical equipment and people, while keeping them at a safe distance from one another.

Learn more about the pods​.

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