Staying on Point

The General Mills Hogwarts II (2) project—an expansion to the food processing and packaging manufacturing facility, and no relation to Harry Potter—required PCL to work within the plant’s Good Manufacturing Practices, which prohibit unnecessary or exploratory holes from being drilled through walls and floors.
PCL’s Minneapolis district recently used a Hilti
PX10 Transpointer to meet strict client requirements
for maintaining the integrity of walls and floors.

A Hilti Transpointer in action.
To avoid drilling extra holes during the installation of plant processing equipment, PCL employees had to transfer survey points around walls and floors and measure from existing building features visible from both sides. This method was inefficient and prone to errors.
In a food processing facility, food safety is paramount—surveying, pilot drilling, and simply working around equipment all present risks to the owner’s production that are not acceptable,” said PCL project manager, Ryan Richardson. “Due to consumer demand for their products, downtimes for project work are very limited and must be fully utilized.”


Dissatisfied with existing solutions, Richardson researched technologies that would help improve the process and discovered the Hilti PX10 Transpointer. The tool can transfer survey points through walls and floors without penetrating or damaging them, and enabled surveying, a task usually done on Sundays, to continue during plant production times.
“Projects like these necessitate pre-work on surveys, pipe fabrications, material procurement, and overall scope planning, which all benefit from tools like the Transpointer,” said Richardson.
The Hilti PX10 Transpointer is also being used to coordinate penetrations for conduits, utility lines, process piping, and process ductwork. Impressed with the technology, the client purchased the same tool for use in the maintenance department.

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