The Ultimate Solutions Provider

Larry Karlson is a solutions guy. He puts smiles on the faces of PCL’s clients.
“I have an eye for saving money,” said Karlson. “In a nutshell, I work to reduce costs and tighten up schedules on PCL projects in a way that adds value for our clients.”
Karlson is a structural engineer in the construction services department at PCL’s corporate head office. He consults to project teams across the organization. His primary focus is on the pursuit and preconstruction phase of projects, where money and time are saved on paper, before construction starts.
Larry Karlson, with over 30 years of construction
experience, finds innovative ways to bring value to
PCL’s clients.

Larry Karlson


When Karlson joined PCL, he already had 30 years of construction experience as an international consultant at a world-renowned structural engineering firm. His expertise is highly regarded by his colleagues at PCL.
“What Larry does is unique,” said Jeff Duffield, manager of Operations Support at PCL. “Larry will create concrete and steel schemes based on early designs and work with the project team to estimate various alternatives. This allows PCL to give our clients options that may save them time or money.”


Karlson’s expertise has been applied to numerous PCL projects across North America. In every instance, his early involvement and innovative ideas have helped to create more cost-effective structures. Karlson says that money can be saved for a client when the right structural concept has been applied to a project, and the design of that concept is executed in the most efficient manner during the construction document phase.
“We had great success on a large hospital project,” said Karlson. “I took a look at the design and suggested that the project use high-strength rebar rather than the regular rebar that had been spec’d. As a result of this slight modification, we were able to use a lot less rebar on the project and save the client hundreds of thousands of dollars.”


When Larry Karlson decided he wanted a change after three decades as a consultant, he chose to start a new career with PCL.
“I had heard nothing but great things through the years about PCL,” said Karlson. “The company is one of the highest rated construction firms on the Fortune Top 100 list, and the employee-owned culture at PCL is very appealing to me. Everybody has skin in the game here, so everybody works very hard.”
His colleagues agree and feel fortunate that Karlson chose to join the PCL team.

“As far as I know, no other construction company has a person like Larry on staff,” said Duffield. “We’re lucky to have someone with his knack for creating innovative solutions that benefit our clients and enhance our projects. He’s one of a kind.”



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