BIM 360 Field

BIM 360 Field is a collaborative mobile application that integrates all project stakeholders, providing project transparency from the ownership level to trade contractors. This tool allows PCL to better communicate with everyone during the construction life-cycle and streamlines access to project data and field documentation. Ultimately, BIM 360 Field lets PCL staff spend more time managing critical project matters and less time managing project documentation.  


Mobile Document Control

The speed at which information moves through a project is increasing, and updates to project contract documents are no different. BIM 360 Field ensures that crews are working from the most current drawings and documents improving quality and performance. 

Quality Control

BIM 360 Field provides a proactive approach to identifying quality trends, allowing PCL and trade contractors the foresight to mitigate issues before they arise.   

Commissioning and Punch-list

BIM 360 Field provides transparency to clients and design partners throughout all aspects of a project closeout and alerts crews to any possible issues and inspections that take place during the commission phase of construction. It also enables the expedition of project turnover to the owner.

Equipment and Material Tracking

BIM 360 Field allows PCL to manage project elements more effectively through the use of barcodes and Building Information Modeling technology.

Sharepoint/BIM 360 Field Integration

PCL offers the unique ability of allowing data managed in the field and data managed in the office to be streamlined into one, efficient and easily accessible channel of communication through the use of Sharepoint. The integration of these two programs as a project management tool allows for document and photo syncing as well as requests for information (RFI’s) to be created in the field. 

Added Value

BIM 360 Field is designed to enhance field management, workflow, and project reports. It serves as a document library that can be accessible from the field, on-site. PCL is committed to driving improvements in field communication between clients, design partners, and employees while providing the highest quality products deliverable. ​​​​​​