Technology and Innovation

PCL is always looking for simple ways to increase productivity and reduce costs. After over 100 years in the construction business, PCL has collected a lot of good cost-saving ideas and has remained on the leading edge of construction technologies. 



PCL incorporates and develops the latest technologies into its construction methods and project delivery processes to find the best way to meet your specific project goals. Walk onto a PCL jobsite, and you’ll find employees using specialized hardware and software for collaboration and communication in many areas including​

  • Augmented Reality
  • Data Analytics
  • Field Execution
  • IoT
  • Lean Project Planning and Reporting
  • Safety 
  • Virtual Design and Construction


PCL’s expertise as a construction contractor spans the commercial, institutional, educational, industrial, and civil markets. This diversity brings added value to your project, because PCL’s project teams think outside the conventional standards to provide options that help you make informed decisions. By using the latest technology and applying innovative building practices, PCL is able to provide superior construction services from the start of a project to its completion.