Lean Construction

PCL’s Lean Construction journey is well underway. It is an ongoing process of continually improving the way PCL works, providing the greatest value, and fulfilling the client’s expectations with the least amount of wasted effort. PCL’s operations across the US and Canada have adopted the principles of Lean Construction and are applying them both in the field and at the office to drive maximum efficiency with minimum waste. PCL is passionate about incorporating Lean practices into everyday work.




PCL implements the five principles of Lean, which together motivate a journey of continuous improvement.
  1. Specify Value by finding out what is most important to the customer.
  2. Identify the Value Stream, which includes all the activities that are required to deliver a completed and successful project.
  3. Create Flow on a project by moving a product or service through a series of process steps without stopping.
  4. Pull from the Customer by understanding what the customer wants and creating a process to deliver it. Pull is a scheduling method that reduces process lead times.
  5. Continuous Improvement occurs when flow and pull come together and the process moves towards completion while limiting waste.


PCL implements Lean thinking to establish a clear definition of the client’s needs and keep the team working on well-defined deliverables at a consistent pace (this eliminates rework). The organization’s Lean culture emphasizes collaboration, reliable scheduling, and delivery of top value. Lean Construction provides the tools that enable PCL to maximize project efficiency while minimizing waste and delivering services on time and on budget.​​