We are grateful for the bravery and dedication of veterans and the unwavering support of their families. At PCL, our people and our actions are driven by one overarching purpose: Building a better future, together.  

We proudly support our veterans and recognize the invaluable contributions they bring to our team. We believe that the discipline, leadership, and problem-solving abilities developed during military service are qualities that enhance our workplace and contribute to our collective success.   

Not only does a career with PCL Construction offer financial security but it also allows you to do meaningful work, contributing to projects that better your community. Regain the stability and structure you’re used to from your time in the service and become a part of something bigger. 

There are many similarities between the construction industry and your experience serving in the military. Both industries operate in highly-structured, physical and team-oriented work environments. At PCL, we’ll help you build on your experience to create a rewarding career in construction.

After more than a century in business, we’ve perfected the process for supporting you as you upskill and become more familiar with your new role in construction. From enrolling in our College of Construction, to learning opportunities with some of the best construction professionals in the world, we’ll help you carve a path for career advancement.