The Inclusive Contracting and Supplier Diversity Program at PCL commits to building equity and community in the Colorado construction economy by creating meaningful partnerships with small businesses to establish opportunities and open doors within our industry.

If you are a small business, certified with either the City of Denver, RTD or CDOT or the Federal Government, please connect with us about contracting opportunities.  If you are not yet certified and want to be, please click here for more info(link to City f Denver Certification page.)  PCL is pleased to welcome small businesses onto all of our projects as we believe the diversity they bring is valuable and we know our clients want their projects to reflect the communities where they build.

This project will replace end-of-life equipment like transport conveyors, power turns, merges, high-speed diverters, motors and gearboxes, Automatic Tag Readers (ATR) and other end of life equipment. New maintenance catwalk and access ladders from Level 3 to Level 5 will need constructed for safe access to equipment. Equipment identified under this task will be demolished and replaced with new equipment. New equipment will be updated with DEN’s Intelligent Power Savings (IPS) functionality to save energy and extend equipment life. This work may also include some system layout changes to improve capacity and operations functionality like additional queue positions. 

This project includes TSA funding and will replace all existing (31) inline Explosive Detection Screening (EDS) Machines (CTX-9000) and associated equipment with 25 new Smith Detection CTX-9800 Screening Machines. The Contractor is required to perform the scope in compliance with the Planning Guidelines and Design Standards (PGDS). The current Baggage Handling System (BHS) is divided into six separate Checked Baggage Inspection Systems (CBIS). The work under this scope will include modifications to the existing CBIS bag routing, which will include new bag routing to EDS machines and the addition of new failsafe locations. 

The scope of this project involves the preconstruction services to enable the replacement of the existing physical access control system (PACS) for all of Denver International Airport (DEN). This replacement includes physical elements of the system, such as card readers and associated infrastructure, plus associated software

Click here to download the DEN PACS Sources Sought document. 

PCL is looking forward to building projects alongside of the Colorado community! We appreciate hearing from prospective subcontractors and the broader community.