In 1906, PCL’s founder Ernie Poole was building more than a construction company; he was building a culture of honesty, integrity and fairness. Ernie was dedicated to instilling these principles in all areas of business, including PCL’s brand and future mascot, Bidwell. 

PCL Construction has a well-established reputation of excellence and a memorable way to represent our unique culture was through the creation of a mascot. As a construction company, a beaver became the obvious choice. In addition to being the national animal of Canada, where PCL Construction started in 1906,  the beaver has gained the reputation as “nature’s engineer.” It’s known for its remarkable, innovative building skills and ability to alter its habitat to suit its needs, similar to the way we alter our construction approach to suit individual client needs. The eager beaver can transform environments and create entire ecosystems.

Sharing similar ideals as the beaver, PCL’s mascot was born.

Bidwell’s unique name comes with an equally unique story. In the world of construction, a good bid means securing work through accurately estimating costs for labor, materials and equipment. Our historical knowledge, awareness of industry trends and strong trade partnerships mean we consistently provide project cost estimates our clients can rely on. A good bid helps us maintain our relationships and reputation for being fair and honest, therefore, it is important to always remember to “bid well.”

Bidwell brings an innate passion for building and innovation and represents PCL’s values – honesty, integrity, respect, dynamic culture and passion. Bidwell embodies a solutions-oriented approach to projects and feels right at home on site – especially when it involves mass timber.

Like PCL, Bidwell is dedicated to our communities and loves popping into events to spend time with fans. When Bidwell is not demonstrating safe construction practices and pumping up colleagues,  Bidwell travels to PCL’s offices across the United States and Canada to take part in community giving events, career fairs and even office celebrations and milestones.

Bidwell may just be a beaver to you, but at PCL, Bidwell is family.