The development of our first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report​ marks a significant milestone in our ongoing sustainability journey and demonstrates our commitment to being environmentally conscious while encouraging and supporting employees in enhancing the quality of life in their communities.

“Corporate social responsibility has always been a key part of our identity. This report shares how we incorporate sustainability into our day-to-day operations, as well as how we continually strive to develop innovative ways to become more efficient while delivering unsurpassed value for all our partners,” says Dave Filipchuk, president and CEO, PCL Construction.

PCL’s 5P Model of Sustainability ​encompasses people, projects, partners, practices, and places. Following this model allows us to build on a solid foundation of commitment to corporate social responsibility while continually evolving to incorporate new information, technology, and best practices. This allows us to lead by example, with the goal of driving transformational change within the construction industry. The CSR report shares details of the efforts we are taking to build and operate sustainably while delivering exceptional levels of service.

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