Keith Mitchell has always had a passion for building. He knows that the work PCL Construction does has a profound impact on making our communities better places to live. He also understands that projects require diverse teams that include owners, consultants, engineers and builders to successful delivery the vision of a civil project.

Keith believes strongly in teamwork. His proudest construction achievements stem from working with teams to bring a client’s vision to reality. “Each project has its unique opportunities for personal growth and leveraging the team’s perseverance to build for success,” says Keith. “Most importantly, it’s focusing the team’s strengths on the client’s needs and expectations from concept to fruition.“

Keith’s extensive construction experience and work ethic brought him to PCL. “PCL offered me a unique opportunity that does not come by very often,” Keith says. “PCL is a leader in the community and takes meaningful action to improve the community that we live and work in. This leaves a legacy in the community far greater than just the work we construct.“