Andrew was born and raised in Poland where he spoke several languages and spent most of his time exploring the mountains. Before joining PCL, he had a technical background and started a few businesses, including an electrician startup company. His unique entrepreneurial background and career trajectory give him a unique perspective for customer relationships at PCL. Andrew's saying is, "The client is first, PCL is second and Andy is third." As long as the client’s needs are being taken care of, the rest will fall in line.

Andrew's approach to attracting new clients, building client relationships and having them continue to return to PCL to use our services is to go above and beyond with every build. A happy client will always continue to return to receive our consistent service and possible future owners who may reach out can look at any one of our buildings to see what we're capable of. Andrew knows satisfied customers will also continue to advocate for what we can offer.

What energizes Andrew and keeps his drive going is a passion to build a team with the right group of people. He sees collaboration at PCL as when the company really shines and knows that everyone's unique background can offer a personal life lesson and a different technique or skill. Andrew enjoys puzzling over philosophical questions about what makes the right team and whose skills will complement each other best.