Kristjan's hands-on approach prioritizes project needs and builds effective outcomes that set his clients up for success.

Kristjan constantly seeks opportunities to enhance budget and schedule planning while maximizing innovation. He applies his entrepreneurial approach toward finding the best local resources and right-sized teams for each project – focused on forging long-term relationships that enhance the client’s bottom line and positively impact the surrounding community. 

Well-versed in lean construction methods and rapid mobilization, Kristjan efficiently scales the processes, systems and subject matter experts to each job, presenting clients with a precise, targeted approach to project success. His expertise in all project delivery models has taught him how to maximize available options that best meet project and business needs on time and within budget.

Working alongside designers, consultants, users and stakeholders, Kristjan finds purpose in skillfully solving project challenges. With each new project, whether a tenant fitout or building renovation, he continuously strives to provide a seamless experience for owners and deliver spaces that enhance the end-user experience.