PCL is Carolyn's first and only job out of school, having been with the company for nearly two decades. She began as a survey helper, who admittedly didn't know much about what she was doing on her first day. Carolyn quickly excelled to special projects manager and has held virtually every position in between. She reflects fondly on her time in the field saying it's the single most valuable experience one can gain in the industry.

When Carolyn started at PCL, there were only two women in operations in her region. She was fortunate to have a female mentor and now she pays it forward as a role model to the next generation of women coming through the company.

Carolyn is also part of her office's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee. There, she fosters an environment where all female leaders make themselves available to mentor the younger female engineers. Each quarter, they meet other women in the region to connect and network.

Change can be a difficult thing for some; not for Carolyn. She thrives on change and enjoys wrapping up projects to start something completely new somewhere else. This offers her new challenges to overcome and new opportunities to learn and develop. Between changes, Carolyn enjoys the feeling of bringing her family to a completed project and hearing them ask with amazement, "You built this?"