Not everyone was raised with construction in their blood, and at PCL, we recognize that a broad range of talents can apply to our industry. Chris was quickly promoted to superintendent because he leveraged the customer service skills and ability to work in fast-paced, high-output environments that he learned as general manager of a restaurant.

As a general manager, his philosophy was, “‘Yes’ is the answer, what’s the question?” Chris utilizes this same approach when collaborating with clients to ensure happy customers and buildings everyone will want to celebrate.

Those who are not in the construction industry might assume it is an antiquated industry using paper, pencil and a slide rule to design buildings. Chris says he is delighted to tell his friends and family about leveraging technologies such as virtual construction modeling and aerial drone land surveys that are advancing the industry to make construction safer, faster and more affordable.

Chris gets a strong sense of accomplishment and pride from the ability to work on complex projects that offer a challenge, as well as working on high-profile projects in Winnipeg that locals frequent. In his 10 years at PCL, he has been a part of several nationally recognized projects, including everything from malls to airports to museums. As a hockey fan, he is particularly proud of being able to work on the practice facility for the Winnipeg Jets.