At PCL Construction, the well-being of its employees is vital for the long-term success and sustainability of the company. This September, PCL joins industry organizations across the nation to raise awareness about suicide prevention and mental well-being during Construction Suicide Prevention Week, Sept. 4-8. 

Construction is one of the most vital industries in our country. It is a business recognized for its strength, resilience, and remarkable structures it creates. However, beneath the scaffolding and behind the temporary fencing is an evolving mental crisis that demands attention.  

The construction industry holds the unfortunate distinction of the second highest rate of suicide among workers in the United States, at 45.3 per 100,000 workers, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Construction workers are in a demanding profession, characterized by long hours, high-pressure environments and physically strenuous tasks. Also, the “tough guy” culture to just “deal with it” has pervaded the industry for years. For so long, mental health discussions were considered taboo and frowned upon on the job. As a result, many workers often feel compelled to manage their challenges alone, foregoing any assistance or support. These conditions can place significant strain on a worker’s mental health.

Fortunately, in recent years, awareness has increased, recognizing that mental health poses just as much risk to employees as any physical hazard on a job site. While there is great work to be done, PCL is taking positive steps to ensure work-life harmony can be achieved.

As an industry leader, PCL cares for its employees through robust employee assistance programs, counseling services, job site toolbox talks, proactive onboarding and resources for managing stress and work-related challenges.

Suicide prevention in the construction industry requires a collective effort, from breaking the silence to providing education, support and fostering a caring community.

“I’m seeing a shift, in the past few years, awareness is becoming more prevalent, and companies are doing a good job getting the word out,” said Greg Bellavance, senior superintendent, PCL Construction.  

Through open conversations, training and resources, wellness programs and regular check-ins, PCL ensures its unwavering commitment to navigating the complexities of mental health in construction, and addressing this issue head-on, so that all of PCL’s employees feel supported to construct healthier, happier lives.  

If you’re thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, the Lifeline network is available 24/7 across the United States.

          988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline | Línea 988 de Prevención del Suicidio y Crisis

          Dial 988 or text 988 | Text Envía "AYUDA" al 988

          Lifeline Options For Deaf + Hard of Hearing

          For TTY Users: Use your preferred relay service or dial 711 then 988

          Veterans Crisis Line

          Dial 988 or text 838255