With a background in carpentry, Bonnie Williams has carved a remarkable 28-year path through the construction industry, evolving from hands-on projects to leadership roles in project management and general contracting. Currently, as a senior project manager for Special Projects – PCL’s unique, small contractor services offering– Bonnie has shifted her focus toward nurturing talent and enhancing operational efficiency. Her dedication lies in fostering strong relationships and creating streamlined processes to elevate the client experience (CX) across PCL's Special Projects teams throughout North America. Bonnie’s dedication to incubating talent and operational rigor is fundamental to the continuous success of PCL’s Special Projects offering.

Bonnie excels in blending construction expertise with dynamic team leadership, ensuring projects are rigorously managed and teams operate seamlessly. Her innovative use of technology and a broad approach to project management, focusing on both tangible results and team synergy, distinguishes her as a leader.

In her tenure, Bonnie has been instrumental in leading a major transformation at one of North America's largest construction firms, adding to its “big build” portfolio with a lean, compact contractor model. She thrives on refining the construction process for smaller-scale projects, with budgets ranging from $10,000 to $15 million. These projects demand a delicate balance between right-sizing PCL’s ‘big’ processes and adapting to the unique challenges of smaller ventures.

With a multifaceted career experience spanning various roles from superintendent to project manager to owner, Bonnie is uniquely positioned to enhance both the client experience (CX) and the construction process. "Finding purpose in optimizing the workflow for our teams and delivering value to our clients is what resonates with me," she says. "Having been in their shoes, I understand the critical importance of efficiency and quality in project delivery." This comprehensive perspective allows Bonnie and the SP teams she oversees to not only meet but exceed client expectations.

As senior project manager, Bonnie collaborates with project managers throughout North America to deliver top-tier reliability, consistency, and customer experience. She employs cutting-edge tools like real-time digital dashboards for schedule and budget tracking and StructionSite's 360-degree site photos to improve progress monitoring and quality control. Bonnie's focus is on ensuring Special Projects operations are optimized for efficiency and client value.

Additionally, Bonnie emphasizes the reliability of PCL's Special Projects work, stating, "Regardless of the location or the number of times we've collaborated with a client, our objective is to provide a consistent quality and feel for every project undertaken by PCL’s Special Projects. We achieve this by equipping all our project managers and superintendents with standardized tools, adhering to strict safety protocols and implementing rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure every project's success."

Bonnie gauges the success of her projects not just by timely and on-budget completions but also by a personal standard: her daughters' approval. Early in her tenure with PCL's Special Projects division, her team undertook a challenging assignment at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg. Tasked with preparing a 55-square-foot space for the Magna Carta exhibit, the project demanded precise environmental controls and swift execution, all while keeping the museum operational.

"The project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget," Bonnie says. "The client was delighted, but the real highlight for me came when I took my daughters on a behind-the-scenes tour. Thanks to my security clearance, I could show them normally restricted areas, but they were most excited about my site office. They left a note on the whiteboard: 'Our mom works here. Her name is Bonnie!' Their pride was my true measure of success."