Lori has a unique role at PCL as well as in the construction industry. In her early years as licensed professional engineer she developed a passion for building envelopes and ensuring no water, air or other unwanted elements could penetrate a structure’s exterior or performance problems occur.

As she rose through the ranks, Lori became one of only a handful of envelope engineering specialists in North America to work for a construction company instead of a consulting firm – a role PCL is proud to have. She assists with any project wanting to leverage her unique skills to make sure structures are sealed tight and is motivated to bring the best possible quality product to owners.

In over a decade at PCL, Lori’s personal life has naturally evolved over time. Her now teenage boys play a plethora of sports from hockey to tennis and soccer, and she serves as both their personal shuttle to practices and #1 fan in the stands. One thing she enjoys about working at PCL is the company’s ability to flex as her family grows, giving her time to do what she loves.

Although involved throughout all phases of the project, Lori prefers to join a project as early as possible to address concerning envelope designs before they’re built. Lori is also working to train, mentor and share her expertise throughout the company so her fellow employees can learn what she sees to mitigate potential issues before ground is broken.