When she's not on a job site, Michelle is a hockey referee locally and internationally. Her hockey role taught her about building and maintaining relationships with players and coaches. Since building relationships and communication are important skills in construction, Michelle uses her learnings from the ice rink and applies them to her projects at PCL.

Hockey also gave her a sense of ambition. Michelle grew up with a competitive mindset, always striving to do her best in any situation. She never settles for less than giving a project 100% and is constantly trying to improve her skills and gain new knowledge.

Michelle gets to work on a variety of projects at PCL and never in her more than five years with the company has had a dull moment. She's worked on large-scale industrial projects as well as malls and special projects, flexing and adapting her role to fit the needs of each build. She thrives on having solid processes and procedures in place, while also having the creative freedom to find a solution she thinks will work best.

What keeps Michelle motivated is the teamwork atmosphere at PCL. With her many her colleagues sharing the same values as her, she finds it easy to click with the people she works with.

As a team leader, Michelle believes she's more introverted and reserved, but always tries to lead by example. She strives to always do the right thing and make sure the new employees are brought up to speed and feel welcomed.