One of Mike's goals at PCL is to not only mentor his fellow employees but teach them everything they need to know to one day take over his position and manage his department even better than he did. To achieve this, he gives his coworkers opportunities to tackle new challenges while also supporting them however he can. Mike is transparent and tells his people what he feels they need to hear and speaks with honesty and integrity.

Mike puts it simply when he talks about his mission: "Without water there's no life." Recently celebrating his third decade at PCL, few are as passionate about providing clean drinking water as he is. Mike notes that in times of drought and climate change his sector can be challenging to operate in, but what keeps him going is knowing every project he completes creates better communities to live in.

Mike is also inspired by the younger generation's interest in giving back to their communities and living more sustainable lives. He sees his work as the "lifeblood" of society and is thrilled to see the next wave of employees is already on the same page.

Most companies say they put a strong focus on their people, but Mike thinks PCL's approach to its people is different from the rest. He sees a company that not only shows compassion for their work life, but is also supportive of their personal lives, their health and their career trajectories.