When Mike Murage sees buses driving on Calgary’s 17 Avenue transit bridge, he feels more than just pride for having worked on the landmark project as a PCL Construction employee. He feels like he’s part of something that builds community, brings people together and creates opportunity for those who want to go the distance.

A field coordinator at PCL’s Calgary, Alberta location, Mike feels the same way about his career – like PCL is a bridge that connects its employees’ ambitions with reality, a place where people can own their future and hone their craft while serving their communities.

“Every single day you solve a new problem and face new challenges, but you face them as a team,” Mike said. “I see a direct correlation with what I studied in school, and there’s a lot of satisfaction that comes with that.”

After growing up in Nairobi, Kenya, Mike studied civil engineering at the University of Waterloo before accepting internships that took him to Alberta. One was with PCL, where in 2019 he chose to stay full time.

He’s since worked on all kinds of residential, civil infrastructure and commercial construction projects, doing everything from assessing profitability and overseeing subcontractors to conducting quality and safety inspections. Ambitious workers like Mike often move around in their careers to fulfill their curiosity. Yet for him, PCL is the connection that brings these aspirations together.

“Curiosity is a trait that’s very evident in a lot of the PCL employees I’ve worked with,” he added. “We always want to know the ‘why’ behind our work.”

The Canadian Construction Association featured Mike for its Talent Fits Here campaign, as an example of someone finding success in the construction industry while pursuing his passions. Since PCL is 100% employee-owned, Mike said he feels empowered to challenge himself and innovate. Whether it’s the dynamic culture, the sense of ownership, or the opportunities to learn, improve and teach, employees like him know they get where they’re going together.

“Regardless of your profession, if you want a career that’s fulfilling, where you’ll be given responsibilities and be valued and challenged – and supported throughout those challenges – a career with PCL will satisfy anyone who’s ambitious,” Mike said. “PCL values you holistically. That’s something I saw from the first day, even as a student.”

It’s something he still sees every day, especially when buses cross the bridge he helped build.