When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many Colorado businesses suffered as a result. Unable to open their doors to the public, many found alternative solutions to move forward while giving back to the community, including Eloquor Consulting. While PCL was enacting further safety protocols and extra precautions, PCL’s U.S. Head Office was introduced to the Denver business.  

Stacy Wilson, Eloquor Consulting president, experienced a pause in her employee communication work early in the outbreak. With a connection to the local Craig Hospital, she dedicated her time to contributing homemade masks to the rehabilitation hospital for brain and spinal cord injuries. As a hobbyist sewer for decades, she completed 1,200 face coverings in just three months for the hospital and others.

“Along the way, a few friends and family paid me to make masks and contributed to my purchase of supplies for the hospital,” said Wilson.

“When we heard about Eloquor Consulting’s commitment to the safety of the community, we were inspired to contribute to the cause,” said Deron Brown, president and COO, U.S. Operations. “It’s because of them and other local business’s unwavering dedication that our community is coming together even when the pandemic is physically keeping us apart.” 


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