PCL Construction recently earned the 2022 Great Place to Work Certification. The prestigious award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at PCL. This year, 93% of our employees said PCL is a great place to work  44 points higher than the average U.S. company. Here’s why: 

PCL is a broadly held 100% employee-owned company with 90% of our salaried employees owning shares. So, why does that make PCL a great place to work?

Think of it this way — if you own your home, you likely care about upkeep, maintenance and improvements because you know if you invest more into your home, it will grow in value over time. On the flip side, you likely don’t want to repaint or retile a home you are renting because you will never witness the return on investment that a homeowner will.  

“Offering shares to employees sets us apart from other contractors. Most of our full-time, salaried employees can invest in the business at all levels of the organization,” says Kate McGhee, regional human resources/professional development manager for PCL. “Investing at PCL and becoming a part owner of the company gives employees a sense of personal responsibility and skin in the game, because each individual can make a contribution to the company’s success and benefit from the financial results.”  

Employee shareholder participation reflects employee confidence in the organization and drives a culture committed to upholding a rigorous approach to ethics and quality.

PCL employees overwhelmingly appreciate our robust and comprehensive benefit package, as it suits employees’ needs at varying points in their lives. Here are some highlights of our benefits:

  • Health, dental and vision insurance
    • PCL offers minimal paycheck deductions for health insurance, making it affordable for individuals and their families for all forms of coverage. The deduction is based on a percentage of your base pay, which tends to be more cost-effective for most employees.
    • For high deductible health plans, PCL offers the minimum deductible amount for it to qualify as a Health Savings Account (HSA) so it is still a reasonable plan with the ability to set aside money pre-tax.
    • Because dental and vision insurance is combined with health insurance as a one-package deal, it tends to cost less than what most pay out of pocket.
  • Support for working mothers
    • For new moms, PCL pays 100% for the first nine weeks of maternity leave.
  • Wellness reimbursement
    • PCL will reimburse up to $200 per calendar year per employee for various wellness activities and initiatives such as a gym membership, counseling services, workout equipment, ski and snowboard passes, and financial wellness services.
  • Contribution to CollegeInvest 529 college savings accounts
    • As part of PCL’s commitment to families’ futures, the company contributes $250 towards future education expenses for new babies of employees via a contribution to the CollegeInvest 529 Plan.
  • Employee referral program
    • PCL offers a referral bonus to employees who recommend qualified candidates who make it through the interview process and accept their job offer.

The PCL family of companies is more than just a group of independent operating groups. The family extends to our employees. With more than 4,400 salaried employees across North America, there is a wealth of knowledge and resources to tap into throughout one’s career, and it starts on day one of employment.

PCL focuses on a disciplined onboarding approach to ensure new employees start off on the right foot and are given the tools and resources needed to be successful. PCL has a buddy program where a peer checks in on the new hire on a regular basis and serves as a contact for questions or help.  

Here at PCL, we not only build communities through projects using steel and concrete — we also build hope through our philanthropic efforts. As an employee-owned company, we believe that giving back to the communities where we live and work is a shared responsibility. Throughout the year, PCL’s offices around North America give time and monetary resources to projects such as Paint-a-Thons and Habitat for Humanity builds, while also supporting various philanthropic events and groups such as United Way.

While we work hard and make time to give back to the community, we play hard too. With intentional social opportunities, PCL offers many occasions to connect with coworkers such as: 

  • Sporting events
  • Team happy hours
  • Team-building events
  • Holiday celebrations 


The PCL Code of Conduct says, “Like stones thrown into a pool of water, the choices we make create ripples that impact others.” Ethics is an integral part of the PCL culture; we practice what we preach. We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and we ensure our core values are always top of mind in everything we do. 

PCL fosters a positive and ethical work environment that supports doing what is right, respecting others, and performing with high standards. A dedicated Ethical Conduct Compliance Committee is responsible for establishing policies, training programs and enforcement procedures to ensure that all PCL companies and personnel act ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws. Committee membership comprises senior executives, including our president and CEO, chief financial officer, general counsel and four chief operating officers.

Every year, PCL requires a regular Ethics and Code of Conduct training program to reinforce the importance of professionalism and ethical conduct.

We empower our employees to call our Ethics Helpline and anonymously and confidentially ask an ethics or compliance question, make an inquiry regarding a company policy, or report an incident about a workplace issue.

As an industry leader, PCL models the highest standards of corporate social responsibility with an uncompromising commitment to ethics, diversity, inclusion, sustainability and innovation. We do this in collaboration with our clients, partners and communities to build a better future, together.