Within the first few months of joining PCL as a field engineer in Winnipeg more than 27 years ago, Monique knew she wanted to spend the rest of her career at PCL. While initially drawn to the challenges and dynamics of the construction industry, Monique’s client-first focus has defined her successful track record.

Reporting to PCL Toronto’s lead executive Marc Pascoli, Monique focuses on driving value to our clients by fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that lead to their success. 

At PCL, embracing mobility is key to developing broad-based construction expertise and knowledge. Monique has held senior leadership roles in numerous PCL districts, including Regina, BC Region, Winnipeg and Toronto. For Monique, working at different locations is an essential learning adventure that provides fresh perspectives and career development opportunities for upcoming young professionals. 

Monique is committed to progress and embraces PCL’s value for diversity, equity and inclusion standing as a leader in our industry to create an environment of empowerment and engagement for everyone. As an executive sponsor of PCL’s Canadian Buildings Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, Monique champions the insights and perspectives of individuals from all backgrounds and cultures.

She leads and inspires everyone she works with, helping them achieve their goals, both on construction projects and in their individual careers. Before transferring to Toronto in 2021, Monique led the Winnipeg District as district manager and watched many of her colleagues grow into new roles and succeed in their positions – something she considers a career highlight.