Intern Day is a momentous occasion that celebrates the contributions of interns in various sectors, including the construction industry. As PCL continues to evolve and embrace new ideas and technologies, it is crucial to recognize the importance of internships in shaping the future of the company and industry careers.

PCL is currently home to a record 151 interns serving our offices in the U.S.

“We have never had this many interns at PCL at any given time and it is incredible to see such a talented and passionate pool of professionals who have chosen PCL this summer,” said Brett Reasoner, talent acquisition and experience director, U.S. Operations. “At PCL we provide interns with real-world experiences and exposure to diverse projects, ensuring that we offer invaluable opportunities for growth and learning.”

The construction industry faces a continuous challenge in bridging the skills gap between academic education and industry demands. Internships play a crucial role in addressing this gap by providing interns with the chance to gain practical, on-the-job experience. At PCL, we guide our interns in developing essential skills and competencies that are highly sought after in the industry, such as project management, problem-solving, teamwork and communication.

“We invest in our interns as a way to actively work towards ensuring a skilled workforce for the future,” said Ryan Schmidt, PCL’s Denver district manager. There is a record 30 interns in the Denver office this summer. “Interns bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge in emerging technologies and innovative practices, and PCL is a pioneer in promoting innovation and adaptability.”

While embracing digital transformation, at PCL, we also prioritize sustainable practices and advanced methodologies that interns can contribute to the adoption of these changes.

“Interning at PCL further solidifies my passion for a career in construction because I love the culture, the values and real-life skills I am learning this summer,” said Colette Burd, intern. “There are many people who have stepped up to mentor me, offering guidance to help me navigate my future career, and I feel valued that they are simultaneously listening to my perspectives and ideas.”

By providing interns with meaningful experiences, PCL hopes to continue to identify and attract promising individuals who align with the company values and goals.