DENVER, Colo. (Nov. 27, 2023) – PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc. helps to connect isolated communities through its sponsorship of life-saving bridge builds across the world. Communities in developing countries often struggle to access basic needs such as clean water and medical care because they lack access to bridges and other critical infrastructure. Over the years PCL has partnered with various organizations to send a team of employees to a community in need – with employees often joining the project as volunteers.

For close to a decade, PCL has been involved in the building of eight bridges in Panama, Bolivia and Uganda. As a result, more than 15,000 people are now able to reach their destinations safely and much quicker.

“People have faced life-threatening challenges trying to cross treacherous rivers in search of medical care, food and education, and many have lost their lives as a result. I am proud of PCL’s continued investment and partnership with Engineers In Action to send a crew annually to help with a bridge build,” said Patrick Malone, PCL business development manager and EIA board member.

Stories of hope and resilience emerge with each bridge build. In 2019, PCL Construction employees participated in the all-women’s bridge build in Rwanda, a first-of-its-kind consortium of women-identifying contractors and engineers from North America organized by the American Segmental Bridge Institute. Another bridge build in Panama shortened a treacherous, 16-hour journey to town to a safe, one-hour commute.

“Civil infrastructure projects provide a direct, immediate and dramatic benefit to underserved communities,” says Adlai Jourdin, a PCL superintendent who participated in a bridge build in Bolivia with Engineers in Action (EIA) this fall. “Seeing the community’s response and appreciation for the build was one of the most impactful parts of the trip – I'm proud of PCL’s longstanding partnership with EIA delivering this critical service.”

One of the most impactful builds was the “MerBear” memorial bridge, dedicated in Bolivia in 2021. The year prior, Malone and his 16-year-old daughter, Meredith, were scheduled to volunteer on a project with EIA. The build was rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Meredith tragically lost her life to a blood clot before another project was rescheduled. The “MerBear” memorial bridge now stands as a testament to Meredith’s spirit of volunteerism and transforms lives on a daily basis. Prior to the bridge’s construction, there had been 20 injuries and five fatalities from attempts to cross the river below. Today it helps members of the community access school, medical care and employment. 

"PCL has been a wonderful partner with EIA both in traveling internationally as bridge builders but also through the participation of PCL leaders as board members and volunteers in the U.S.,” said Julie Allen, EIA executive director. “Through PCL’s engagement, EIA has been able to serve more underserved communities with vital infrastructure that will allow them to thrive, as well as strengthening and connecting more people with our mission here at home.” 

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About Engineers in Action
Engineers In Action (EIA) envisions a world where isolation, history, and geography do not dictate access to the essential infrastructure that enables health, education, safety, and basic human dignity for all. With the support of their partners, volunteers, and generous donors, EIA works with underserved communities to execute sustainable engineering projects such as water systems, pedestrian bridges, micro-irrigation, and sanitation and hygiene facilities. These projects not only provide humanitarian relief, but also help build local economies, increase educational attainment, and contribute to global stability and peace. EIA was founded in 2008 and is a 501(c)(3) organization.