Vancouver, BC (November 12, 2020) – Sanitize. Clean. Repeat. This routine is all too normal for businesses right now. As a safety-driven contractor, PCL Construction recognized this added responsibility for companies and partnered with Far-UV Sterilray™ to create a revolutionary solution to enhance cleaning protocols and remove the burden of manual sanitization – The PURE Portal.

The PURE Portal has been laboratory tested by a third party to ensure its effectiveness in removing COVID-19 on shopping carts specific to this application. Each module utilizes FAR-UV light technology to deactivate COVID-19 in just four seconds within six inches of the surface. It can also deactivate other pathogens that may be present. Unlike other products in the market that use UV-C light, FAR-UV light is safe for human exposure, as its specific wavelength cannot reach living cells.

“At PCL, our culture towards safety is forefront in everything we do. We felt there was an opportunity to add value to the communities where we live and the clients that we work with,” said Chad Keuler, Operations Manager. “Since the pandemic hit the world, our communities, clients and staff have been struggling to adapt to what has become our new normal. The concerns that COVID-19 brings are directly related to safety, which is why PCL is very excited to introduce the PURE Portal.”

Through our validation process, PCL has found that FAR-UV light is exponentially more effective at deactivating 99.9% of pathogens over traditional UV-C methods in a fraction of the time. The light technology is also sustainable for nearly 3.5 years of continuous use, equal to 30,000 hours of bulb life. Although designed with the same end goal in mind, each PURE Product is slightly different to accommodate specific target audiences and locations. We are currently deploying proof of concept modules in Canada and the United States.

The PURE Product was created to benefit numerous industries and business environments and is the first in our product line that will quickly and safely sanitize any object run through the portal. The Pure Portal has multiple uses, including sanitizing retail carts, baskets, luggage, backpacks, briefcases and any other product that needs to be sanitized before use. The Pure Portal removes the burden of manually cleaning objects quickly and safely.

To learn more about the PURE Product line or to inquire about purchasing, please email us at

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