This entire building revitalization and office fit-out in downtown Winnipeg was instrumental in providing attractive accommodations for future tenants while ensuring the 40-year-old building’s envelope was brought up to present day standards.

PCL’s Special Projects division used its solution-provider mentality and innovative thinking to reduce costs while still delivering the client’s vision of success. For example, the existing concrete floors were going to be re-polished but due to many renovations over the years the concrete had become discolored. We provided multiple flooring options and by working with our subtrades, a tile was produced to match the concrete look desired at a fraction of the cost.

The office fit-out within 200 Portage features corrugated steel walls which include raw steel, tempered glass and walnut millwork to provide a sleek look throughout the office space. The millwork on the walls acts as support along the top and bottom, while the other materials act as vertical partitions. These walls were installed throughout the interior space to reduce sound transmission.

While keeping the client’s budget top-of-mind, we worked collaboratively with the client and consultants to reduce costs on the exterior façade while providing a revitalized building. Utilizing existing curtainwall and structural supports, floor to ceiling glass was installed for a fraction of the cost of a full curtainwall revitalization.

We successfully retained and used existing materials already within the building to provide cost savings to the owners while delivering a sustainable, updated office space for future tenants.

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