The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is a post-secondary institution that offers a practical and hands-on approach to learning, fostering education for a complex world. The BCIT Canada Way Infrastructure Renewal project replaced the electrical infrastructure for the institution. Additionally, the team worked collaboratively and replaced a hydro receiving station, installed five new high voltage units, constructed pedestrian canopies, increased walking space and created rain garden landscaping beds that improves the environment of the campus. 

We adjusted the schedule so BCIT could meet federal funding deadlines, and we completed the project 11.5 months early and under budget. 

To minimize disruptions to students and faculty members, we developed traffic management plans during work near busy roads and completed construction on off hours. We kept utilities in use while replacing them to not lose power, as it would be difficult to learn without electricity, and had back-up plans just in case. We succeeded, with no unscheduled disruptions throughout the process.  

We achieved the Envision Gold Certification – for sustainable infrastructure – thanks to the collaborative efforts of the team. The upgrade will prevent future power failures and provides a foundation for possible renovations and buildings on campus. We also created a positive space for the students and staff to use and enjoy. 

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