Located on a 25-acre site in southern Barrie, this 320,000-square-foot BMO Data Centre houses and safely maintains client information. The building hosts a 60,000- (expandable to 100,000-) square-foot data center, an 87,000-square-foot office building, 17,000 square feet of amenities and 96,000 square feet of mechanical and electrical systems and building services. The facility also offers parking for 660 vehicles.

PCL recognized that an early start on the complex and extensive interior mechanical and electrical work was required. However, if a traditional formwork system was used, the shoring posts would congest the area and prevent work from progressing to the interior until the concrete had cured. To facilitate an earlier start, we used a shoreless, suspended slab formwork that allowed easy access to the interior so work could begin immediately.

Uptime Institute’s internationally recognized Tier Classification System provides a standard for classifying data centers. The BMO Barrie Computer Centre has achieved the highest possible rating — Tier IV — and the most successful scorecard ever. One reason for this success was an investment in operational controls and the integration of engineering disciplines. All critical components can be maintained or replaced while the facility is in full operation, and the facility is designed to provide 25-plus years of useful life.

This is not the first or the only Tier IV facility built by PCL or others, but very few of these facilities exist. Remarkably, this project received its Tier IV rating immediately on completion of construction — an outstanding achievement.

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