Brantgate Solar is a 13.21 megawatt solar photovoltaic facility that boasts 44,000 solar modules. Mounted off the ground in rows with a fixed-tilt angle facing south, the solar modules generate direct current (DC) electricity.

Brantgate Solar, a part of the Ontario Feed-in-Tariff program, is just one of four facilities we have delivered for Penn Energy Renewables to provide diverse communities with clean energy.

The facility occupies 80 acres of land, just outside of Brantford, Ontario. Construction included grading the site and removing minimal vegetation to prepare for the installation of facilities. During this process, we discovered a small number of European artifact fragments near an existing house, as well as four isolated chert flakes and one base in separate locations. Recognizing the historic significance of these findings, PCL modified the project to avoid the areas and preserve the artifacts.

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