The city of Calgary experienced one of the worst floods in its history while the Calgary City Centre office building was under construction. PCL was able to minimize the impacts of the flooding on the construction schedule and even accelerate toward early completion.  

Quality and schedule assurance were paramount to our client, Cadillac Fairview. A strong quality assurance process facilitated early project delivery, allowing Cadillac Fairview to start leasing tranches of floors and generating revenue in a competitive commercial rental market. Schedule-tracking solutions were also helpful in managing turnover to these tenant contractors, the occupants of the tower.

The project team implemented an innovative electronic plan room to centralize and streamline information management and make information more accessible and accurate for all project stakeholders. Converting working contract documents to a digital form provided several advantages, among them that it’s mobile and creates a neat and tidy visual presentation of the drawings that can be updated by one person, one time; there’s no need for someone to update multiple collections of drawings when everyone has access to the same central set of documents. Enthusiastic buy-in from the prime consultant helped ensure the success of this pilot implementation. This model has since become the norm for nearly all PCL projects and is even more advanced today. 

PCL has a national relationship with the client, Cadillac Fairview, and over the years, the two firms have worked together on many projects. Calgary City Centre has won several awards and is one of the first office towers in Canada to be certified LEED®  Platinum by the Canada Green Building Council.

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