The California Bioenergy Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) project isn’t letting anything go to waste. With an interesting solution to what dairies should do with cow waste, the project is converting it into renewable natural gas for utility company transmission lines.

PCL formed a strong partnership with California Bioenergy LLC on the project, working closely with the client and numerous engineering firms to validate the design of this new, unique concept and technology. PCL’s scope of work on the project included the design and construction of new conditioning plants at 12 dairies.

At the dairies, the waste is gathered into a digester that produces biogas, which is conditioned to reduce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas, then dried and compressed before moving to underground gathering lines made up of HDPE piping varying in size from 3 to 12 inches. These lines finish at an upgrading facility where the biogas is refined to PUC-quality gas and then injected into the Southern California Gas Company transmission line.

This renewable and sustainable industrial project not only benefits California Bioenergy and the project investors, but also residents as it provides natural gas to them and many businesses. It also helps the state reach its Green House Gas Emission reduction goals.

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