Casino Regina is located in downtown Regina’s historic Union Station. Designated as a heritage site in 1991, the building served as Regina's train station from 1912 until 1990, when passenger rail service to Regina ended. Now, open to the public seven days a week for 20 hours of the day, it is a building that rarely sleeps. We divided the project into 24 phases to keep as much of the casino open and operational as possible. This behind-the-scenes work occurred during off-peak hours to minimize disruption to staff and customers. 

With functionality and durability of products top-of-mind for Casino Regina, we sourced items locally and worked closely with the casino’s head of building maintenance to provide alternative constructability, product options and ideas for value engineering. Modeling and 3D scans helped improve the casino’s as-built documents and current maintenance operations. 

Since 2009 we’ve helped Casino Regina improve their gaming experience, from refreshing the game floor to constructing additions of the Midway Bar and VIP Diamond Club.  

Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation’s casinos entertain millions of people every year, and they are always striving to maintain a great guest experience. With renovations and upgrades to Casino Regina’s décor, food service areas, Show Lounge and Theatre, mezzanine and high-end specialty finish items throughout, this is a premier gaming destination in Saskatchewan.   

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