Adding proprietary flash dryer technology and the associated equipment to GAF Materials Corp.’s existing shingle manufacturing facility while the facility was still in operation was no easy task. The project team fully integrated schedule management with all stakeholders’ tasks to ensure operations continued and remained uninterrupted by construction activities. 

PCL completed a unique combination of civil, concrete, steel erection and mechanical components– a great example of our ability to execute four different disciplines on one project. Working directly with an off-site steel fabricator to prevent field rework, we employed Lean principles and the Last Planner ® System to remove and mitigate issues that arose between scopes of work. We also spearheaded a plan that took advantage of “short deliveries” from the steel supplier and worked with a refractory subcontractor to design a low cost fit for the internal form assembly, which allowed the team to place in the refractory rather than shoot it in using gunite.  

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