The EG2 unit is an ethylene glycol production facility capable of producing 800,000 metric tons annually. The major components for this unit include steam piping, instrumentation, ethylene feedstock piping, reactors, waste heat boilers, evaporator columns, desiccant vessels, pumps, compressors, turbo expanders, heaters/coolers, valves, storage tanks, product loading areas, safety infrastructure, and cooling water towers.

PCL supplied the workforce and equipment for the complete installation of piping in the 610 Area of EG2, completed and revamped the 910 Incinerator Area, completed piping in the 1500 Area and corrected and installed all utility stations throughout the EG2 Plant. PCL also supplied personnel to assist the client in the test package, NDE completion, testing and commissioning of several of the main piping systems that encompassed PCL’s work and that of the other Contractors.

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