The Glenmore Residuals and Pretreatment facilities were commissioned seamlessly on schedule. The project increased capacity to 550 million liters per day at the Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant and 400 million liters per day at the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant.

Critical to this project’s success was eliminating process waste discharge and not disrupting water supply to the citizens of Calgary, which PCL accomplished with constant communication and coordination between all parties.

Extensive mechanical and electrical process systems were part of our mandate. The team first completed pre-start, start-up, and commissioning; wet-well and pump-house commissioning followed six months later. We also installed four new 500 horsepower motors with complex procedures for shutdown and start-up. The earthworks package involved building bio-retention ponds and roads and completing asphalt paving over two seasons. Final grading, topsoil placement and the planting of trees and shrubs were the final touches, all completed to the very high environmental standards set by the City of Calgary.

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