The Harriet Brooks Building, also known as the Building 350 Laboratory Complex, consolidates and relocates laboratories at the center of the busy Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) campus. 

The project team developed traffic-control and phasing plans to accommodate the busy corridor at the adjacent CNL shipping and receiving building. Significant mechanical, electrical and infrastructure work supports the complex laboratory requirements. A new switchyard connection provides the complex with a main electrical feed, which required installation of new electrical equipment, infrastructure and connection to the operating switchyard.

We worked collaboratively with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories and the specialty equipment provider to create a 3D model that visualized the seamless installation and ideal placement of equipment in the labs. This virtual design and construction method showed where mechanical and electrical systems had the potential to interfere with spatial requirements and ensured the new equipment would fit in its final location.

Our breadth and depth of experience in the Ontario construction industry allows us to source out-of-market companies that were excited and ready to contribute.

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